Timely insider research shows how to
grow your wealth in a high-risk, low-return world…
by leveraging paradise

This briefing shows how I developed this strategy,
what makes it work, and how you could benefit like I have.

Let’s face it. It’s a tricky world for investors right now. Safe assets yield almost nothing. Risky assets are, well, risky. And as investors continue to jump from one thing to another – commodities, emerging markets, corporate bonds, domestic real estate and around again – they’re losing money. You’ve probably lost money too.

It’s a problem I know very well. For more than two decades, I’ve helped wealthy Canadian and American investors protect their assets using various investment and asset protection strategies. I saw the carnage of the dot com crash, the following recession and the most recent financial collapse. First hand in my clients’ portfolios.

That’s what set me on the hunt for the sort of asset that could weather challenging climates like now… where I could get a decent yield without taking a lot of risk. That search led me right back to something that made me and my partners a lot of money back in the 90’s.

Six years later, I’ve figured out a way to help outside investors do the same thing – generate a healthy return in a limited-risk way. It’s perfect for a volatile investment market like today’s.

In 1992, I first set up shop in the Turks and Caicos Islands. I was married in 1998. All three of my kids have called these islands home.

I did quite well. My law practice was once one of the largest on the islands. I was involved in numerous prominent developments including The Sands Resort, Northwest Point Resort and The Island Club on Grace Bay Road.

I was also big into the financial side of things as well. Because of my success, I was able to build a million dollar oceanfront home at 34. I sold my practice and first retired at 38. (Much of that was by using the same strategy I’m now talking about here.)

I knew (and still know) all the movers and shakers in this high-end vacation destination – from the most important business people to top political leaders.

And it was this background that eventually led me to the solution.

Let me tell you the whole story… I can almost guarantee you won’t have heard of anything quite like it.

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